Easy Side Salad Recipe

Easy Side Salad Recipe

For this easy side salad recipe you will need the following ingredients

  • 2x Celery Sticks 
  • 1x Beatroot 
  • Half A Cucumber 
  • 6X Cherry Tomatoes 
  • 1X Avocado
  • 2 Handfuls of wild rocket salad
  • Half A Lemon


1. Put the celery sticks, tomatoes, cucumber in a colander and give them a wash with cold water over the sink. You will also need to wash the wild rocket salad separately.

2. Slice the celery sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and beetroot 

Easy Side Salad Recipe

3. Now cut the avocado in half and take out the pip and then either squeeze the flesh of the avocado away from the skin or use a tablespoon to scoop the flesh out and then slice the avocado.

Salad sliced
Salad Sliced

4. Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and then using half a lemon squeezed over the salad some juice from the lemon

5. Using clean hands mix all the easy side salad recipe ingredients together, serve and enjoy.

Ingredients In a bowl

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